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Updated: 14/07/2024 05:17PM  
Pos Team Played Won Lost Points
1 Codicote 1 4 4 0 12
2 Odyssey 1 4 2 2 8
3 Elliswick 1 2 1 1 4
4 Kimpton 1 2 1 1 4
Ladies Premier Div-(WINNERS) NORTHWOOD 1-(RUNNERS UP)-St Albans 1
Ladies Division 1A-(WINNERS) LETCHWORTH 1-(RUNNERS UP)-Moor Park
Ladies Division 1B-(WINNERS) RICKMANSWORTH 1-(RUNNERS UP)-Harpenden
Ladies Division 2A-(WINNERS) HODDESDON 1-(RUNNERS UP)-Elliswick 2
Ladies Division 2B-(WINNERS) GOSLING 1-(RUNNERS UP)-Berkhamsted 1
Ladies Division 3A-(WINNERS) NORTHWOOD 2-(RUNNERS UP)-Croxley A
Ladies Division 3B-(WINNERS) RYE PARK-(RUNNERS UP)-Sawbridgeworth 2
Ladies Division 4A-(WINNERS) RICKMANSWORTH 3-(RUNNERS UP)-Weston 2
Ladies Division 4B-(WINNERS) SAWBRIDGEWORTH 3-(RUNNERS UP)-Broxbourne 3
Ladies Division 5B-(WINNERS) POTTERS BAR-(RUNNERS UP)-Berkhamsted
Mens Premier Div-(WINNERS) ORCHARD 1-(RUNNERS UP)-Ponsbourne 1
Mens Division 1A-(WINNERS) LEVERSTOCK GREEN 1-(RUNNERS UP)-Wheathampstead 1
Mens Division 1B-(WINNERS) SAWBRIDGEWORTH 1-(RUNNERS UP)-Rickmansworth 1
Mens Division 2A-(WINNERS) WESTON-(RUNNERS UP)-Welwyn 3
Mens Division 2B-(WINNERS) BARNET 1-(RUNNERS UP)-Croxley A
Mens Division 3A-(WINNERS) ST ALBANS 1-(RUNNERS UP)-Broxbourne 2
Mens Division 3B-(WINNERS) NORTHWOOD-(RUNNERS UP)-West Herts & Watford
Mens Division 4A-(WINNERS) PIRTON-(RUNNERS UP)-Greenwood Park
Mens Division 4B-(WINNERS) CROXLEY B-(RUNNERS UP)-Orchard 2

Every year gets better and better with more team than ever joining the 2016 Hertfordshire Hot Rackets 2 Pair League, a staggering 149 TEAMS and 20 DIVISIONS, creating another record breaking Hot Rackets summer tennis season.

Competition for the top places was as competitive as ever, with many matches going to the final fixture, and in many dvisions the top two/three teams finishing all their matches level on points and settling their final positions by winning more rubbers or sets.
This was the case in the in the Ladies Division 3A & Mens's Diviison 1A, where all three top teams finished level on points only to be seperated by rubbers and/or sets. There was also a fantastic race for 'top spot' in the Men's Division 3B with Northwood and West Herts & Watford finishing level top on points & rubbers, with Northwood finally becoming champions by just three sets!
This is great drama, exciting & good competition, especially with so many teams being involved at the top of their respective divisions, again proving overall how balanced the teams are becoming in each division.

Congratulations go to Northwood Ladies 1 team, who won the Ladies Premier Division for the first time having a fantastic winning season, and overcoming the ladies Premier Division champions for the past two years, the mighty St Albans 1 Ladies, who were close runners up by two points.
Well done to Orchard Men’s 1 team, who also won the Men’s Premier Division for the first time with a brilliant season winning all their matches to become top class champions.
This was a first class performance by both Northwood Ladies 1 & Orchard Men’s 1 who are both well deserved Champions of our top divisions.

Again this season the divisions & fixtures ran very smoothly with more & more match results being entered very quickly onto the web site, therefore keeping all the divisional positions very much up to date. A big thank you again to the captains & administrators for completing the results and making this happen.
As usual this year saw some very close matches decided by our ‘Quick Fire Set’, with over 100 matches playing out a final 5th Rubber, which is more than any past season and again confirms that many teams are well matched within their respective divisions.
Thanks to all the captains/clubs that have contacted us saying how much they enjoy the Hot Rackets 2 pair format and especially the unique ‘Quick Fire Set’.

Well done to all teams for playing their matches and trying to reduce the amount of walkovers, which is very slowly starting to come down, but there is still a way to go (especially in the men’s divisions) before we achieve our goal of ‘no walkovers’ during a complete season!

Also again this season many teams, divisions completed their fixtures well before the final match date of the season, proving that the original ‘ two weekly’ fixtures are working very well for many teams, who finished their season in a reasonable time to avoid a ‘fixture clog up’ near the end of the season. This also created our best season to date with only
TWO VOID MATCHES which is a fantastic result and has been achieved by many teams working together and fulfilling their fixtures.

Congratulations to all of our Champions and Runners Up in all divisions, and the usual special thanks to all of our clubs, captains, players and administrators who do a great job in helping Hot Rackets run smoothly, play top quality, competitive & enjoyable tennis, and have made Hot Rackets become a first class Inter Club Team Tennis League.

Many Thanks,
Tony Scott & the Hot Rackets Tean

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