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Updated: 17/06/2024 05:17PM  
Pos Team Played Won Lost Points
1 Harpenden 2 3 3 0 9
2 Odyssey 1 3 2 1 7
3 Kimpton 2 2 2 0 6
4 Letchworth 3 3 1 2 5
League Rules Procedure
League Rules Match Play Procedure Score & Results Sheet

The details below are a general overview of the match play format and procedure for the Hot Rackets Inter Club Tennis Leagues UK. For more detailed  information please click on the above League Rules and Match Play Procedure icons or contact league administrator Tony Scott by clicking on the 'Contact Us' icon on the Home Page.

Club captains can click on the above Score & Results Sheet icon and then print off a paper copy of the Score & Result Sheet that will be needed to record scores and team details on the day of the match.




As 'Hot Rackets' is a national UK league, all tennis matches are played to the same Format & Rules

After every completed match the WINNING CAPTAIN must 'upload' the Scores & Result to the 'Hot Rackets' Web Site within 72HOURS (3DAYS) from the match date.

1.All clubs play in league divisions within their home county. Matches are played from April to September. 

2.League divisions (e.g. 1,2,3,4 etc) are created within a county subject to the amount of clubs and teams entering.

3.The number of teams in any division will generally consist of between 7 to 8 club teams. This could vary up or down subject to the amount of teams entering.

4.Each club team in a division play each other once only with a split of home and away matches. At the end of each season the Top 2 teams in each division will be promoted to the next higher division. This applies to all divisions except Divisions 1A & 1B, only the Top Team from Division 1A & 1B will be promoted to the Premier DivisionThe bottom 2 teams in all divisions will be relegated to the next lower divisions. 

5.All fixture dates are arranged and set by ‘Hot Rackets’ so there is no need for fixture meetings. The dates and fixture details are emailed to each club and placed on the web site. Clubs can change the dates or details if they are not suitable by contacting their opponents and rearranging details as necessary.

If a match fixture has been rerranged for any reason please let us know the new match date and time straight away by email or phone so we can update  the web site fixture list and keep everyone informed of the correct match fixture details.

6.All match play is doubles tennis, separated into Ladies and Mens League Divisions.

7. All matches are the best of three sets. If a third set is necessary it is played as a Champions 10 Point Tie Break to decide the rubber. Sets one and two are normal 6 game sets ( by two clear games) with a 7 point tie break if necessary to decide the set.

8. Teams comprise of four players, making two pairs consisting of a Number 1 and Number 2 Pair.

9.Matches consist of 2 Rounds and 4 Rubbers being played as follows:

Round 1
1st  Rubber: Home Team 1 v Away Team 2
2nd Rubber: Home Team 2 v Away Team 1
Round 2
3rd  Rubber: Home Team 1 v Away Team 1
4th  Rubber: Home Team 2 v Away Team 2 

10. If a match finishes as a tied result i.e. two rubbers each then a final fifth rubber is played to decide the overall match winner. This is called a ‘Quick Fire’ Short Set and will only incorporate two players from each club i.e. one player from Team 1 and one player from Team 2 creating Home Team 1&2 v Away Team1&2. This is played as a fast and exciting ‘Short Set’ with short deuces, (receivers choose which player will receive serve), which means the first team to 6 games (it could be 6-5 therefore a team does not need to win by two clear games) is the overall match winner, winning the match by 3 Rubbers to 2 Rubbers.

Matches that go to a 5th Rubber ‘Quick Fire’ Short Set are very fast and exciting and have proved very popular with all clubs and players that have played in a ‘Quick Fire’ Short Set.

11.  Teams receive 3 points for a win and 1 point for a loss. Points will determine a teams position within the league. If teams are level on points then league positions are calculated firstly by the highest number of rubbers, or sets, or games, in that order of priority and whatever is applicable. A TEAM WHO HAS A WALKOVER AGAINST THEM WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY POINTS FOR THAT MATCH.  

12. Overall match playing time from start to finish of 4 to 5 rubbers, averages around 3 to 4 hours.

13. In all matches the home team will provide after match drink and food refreshments. The content is up to the home team but as a minimum should include tea, coffee, cold drinks, snacks and/or sandwiches, biscuits, cakes etc. If there are any changes to this requirement by the home or away team, the applicable captain must contact their opponents of any change before the match date.


Updated March 2024

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